Saturday, January 27, 2007

Just another day at work

WOW! We made up for yesterday by the business we did today. Finished the month off good, didn't blow budget away but had a respectable 12% gain and so that is good.
I saw a guy with a tee shirt on today that cracked me up. He was a pretty big guy, tall and big, and his shirt said, "I see little people". Funny to me. And everyone had their kids out today, screaming, tired and misbehaving kids.

So, I'm home now, having some hot tea, and relaxing. I have to work tomorrow, I usually work the last Sunday of the month because it gives me time to work on closing paperwork. We don't usually do much business on Sunday.

I have movies to watch tonight. Black Dahlia is one, I love Scarlett Johanson and I believe she is in that one. I also have "Employee of the Month" which maybe a bit too silly for me, but thought I'd try it.

And that's about all there is today. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

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