Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What a day!

I can't confirm this by the calender as I've not looked but based on the patients and customers we had today I'd bet my bottom dollar it is a full moon or close to it. It's not so much that people are mean but just weird and demanding. Several people came in after wearing their frames for two months that now hate those same frames they loved in November. OK, no big deal, we aim to please so we'll exchange them. We WANT THEM TO BE HAPPY! The thing is that both of these people used insurance originally and both picked frames that weren't as expensive as the first and both demanded money back. HELLO! Their insurance paid for the frames, they did not pay anything for these frames. But explaining that got a little weird.
And then there's the guy who could see fine last week but now, if he turns his head this way and looks out the corner of his eyes and tilts his head to the right, he can't see a thing! ALRIGHTY THEN!
Ciba has a recall on their Optix contact lenses. We can't sell them, but that is hard to explain to people. They don't care if they've been recalled, THEY want them anyway and even the Dr. explaining it to them means nothing.
Ok, done venting now. Days like this make me feel like I've been hit by a MAC truck when I get home and I wish I were old enough or rich enough to retire! But looks like I'll be working until I'm eighty or so. I'll grin and bear it because when the moon starts its cycle over again things will get better, I HOPE!

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