Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Just another Tuesday

Today was conference call day. It's when I have to wake up early, dial into the number and spend the next hour and a half listening to my boss tell all the managers how good or bad we did in sales last week. Pretty much it is boring, sometimes we get onto something good, but this morning was pretty much ho hum. It is also the day I don't go into work until noon and work until closing which is at nine.
My son has gone back to his wife. Funny how I miss him, even though life was a roller coaster ride while he was here, I think we bonded and that was a good thing. Our relationship had not been as it should be for a while. I hope they make it. I hope for him so much but I did what I could and now it's up to him.
There is much drama in the lives of my co-workers. They all seem to have problems and things to deal with. I listen to them when they want to talk. That's all I can do.
Oh and I saw this site mentioned on someone's blog. Sounds interesting like a Netflix for books.
And so that's about it for today. Hope everybody has a good day.

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