Friday, January 12, 2007

The Sleep Over

My best friend didn't have her first and only child until she was in her thirties. Now, almost 40 she has a six year old and tonight to celebrate her Birthday which is Monday they are having a slumber party. Only three other little girls, S is pulling her hair out. She has texted me a hundred times.
First message that indicated trouble, "I'm ready to slit my wrists!"
Me: How come?
S: These kids are brats!
Me: Oh yeah?
S: Two of them are not getting along.
Me: Well, threaten to take them home if they don't behave!
S: I did already!
Me: Well, do it! I thought they all were friends.
S: Just all three friends with R (her daughter)
Poor S, she doesn't always think these things thru. I wish she could relax a little and remember what it felt like to be a little girl herself and just become one tonight. Are you kidding me? A slumber party would give me the perfect excuse to go back to my childhood. S, well, she doesn't let herself go that often, and that in itself is a real shame. Another text says they had calmed down some. I've a feeling she is in for a long Oh, I did get one last text.

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