Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Back to School in the Good Ole Summer Time?

I was thumbing through a magazine yesterday while eating lunch and there were articles that kept mentioning Fall, "Loose 10 lbs by Fall", "The New Look for Fall" and for a moment I thought they'd lost their minds or I had an old magazine. I quickly looked at the date on the front cover and it was for August of 2007. So, ok, I guess Fall is really not that far off. The kids here start back to school on August 3rd! AUGUST 3RD!

When I was in school we didn't start back until September. If I were a parent today I'd not know how to buy back to school clothes. In August it is still so hot here, shorts can still be worn. And that kind of takes away the specialness of going back to school shopping for new clothes. I mean if you did go shopping now, you wouldn't be able to wear any of the fall clothes that you bought until much later and that's no fun. And if you were lucky enough to find summer clothes left on the sale rack you would not get to wear them long, and then if you're a growing kid, you'd not be able to wear them again next summer.

I don't know, maybe it's just me but part of the whole "Back to School" experience for me was going shopping. Nice Fall clothes that I'd get to wear right away, new clothes to start off a new year with. Knee socks that matched every outfit I had, head bands too. LOL. Nice fall colored clothes! Not shorts and flip flops and stuff you wore all summer. School clothes were special! They went along with brand new pencils and notebooks. What a shame kids are missing out on that these days.


Jason h said...
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Catherine Mary said...

Oh but to go to school in shorts and flip flops! I went to Catholic schools--all twelve years. September (even when it was hot and humid) meant scratchy wool/polyester skirts or jumper, starched blouse buttoned to the neck, wooly knee highs and in high school a sweater. You had to be in uniform or you received demerits, which eventually led to detention. I don't like it when magazines/stores start pushing merchandise waaaaay before the actual season. Like back to school clothes in June or Christmas ornaments in July. But I do love the thought of going back to school in autumn with new pencils, notebook, etc. I still do and I work in a school!

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

LOL, ok Catherine Mary, I get your point and oh yes, you know the smells and feel of going to school in the fall, new pencils and notebooks, but they are missing that here big time. Makes me sad.