Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Tuesday Morning Ramblings

I am up at this ungodly hour of 6 A.M because of conference call and because instead of taking it here from home, I have to be at the store to open so I have to go in early. When I was walking every day, as I should still be doing, I got very used to getting up this early but I've grown out of the habit and though I'm working on a pot of coffee right now, I can't seem to really wake up.
The good thing is I do get off early today, I hope. Depending on how things go at work, sometimes you can't just walk out. We'll see.

Nothing much going on for my July 4th holiday. I am off work but no plans. Haleigh and her mom will be visiting family in Florida and Haleigh will get to play with her little boy cousins which reminds me of my experience as a child with little boy cousins.

Like her, I was an only child and when we'd visit one of my father's brothers who happened to have three sons, all older than me it was terrible. The grown ups would send me out to play with these hellions.

Once they locked me in the chicken pen with a mean rooster. They'd snatch my precious doll that was my constant companion and toss her back and forth with me screaming bloody murder. They'd catch frogs and put them down my shirt. They'd chase me with giant spiders, lizards, and sometimes snakes.

They'd make fun of the way I talked, mocking me. They'd tell me there was a ghost that lived in the shed behind the house and then they'd lock me in there until I was almost crying before they'd let me out. They were mean boys!

But I never told on them or complained, because oh how I loved and adored them and loved to visit, even though I knew what was coming. Go figure!


The_Gertster said...

MY GOSH, ROBBIN!!!! Now I understand why you dont like "chickens"!!! But I cant believe you arent scared to death of spiders, lizards, and snakes!
I had mostly BOY cousins,,,,"1" time one of them scared me with a toad( I HATE TOADS to this day!) but he got in bad trouble so that was the end of that! and I was SO tomboyish, I was pretty much "One of the Boys", myself! but YOU had it BAD!!!!! OMG!!

Catherine Mary said...

Robbin, I am visiting your blog after reading about it in Aisling's, The Quiet Country House. While reading this post, I wasn't sure if I wanted to laugh or cry. Having gone through some experiences like this I know that I can look back on them and laugh at the silliness of it all. Boys will be boys, after all. On the other hand, mean spiritedness should not be tolerated because it hurts the person when it happens and the memory of it lingers for a long time. I really resonate with your line about getting off of work early...I hope. I work a job when there are times before a holiday my boss will tell me to go home early...and from the very beginning of that day I wait for him to tell me. Sometimes it happens, most times not. Like you, I just can't walk out like some of the other staff can. Bummer.

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Steph, maybe they were preparing me for the boys I were to raise later on. If so, it didn't help much! LOL.

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Welcome Catherine Mary, thank you so much for visiting me. Yes, those little boys did cause me lots of troubles but I survived! Why I loved them so, who knows! And guess what! I did get to leave early, yay! I'm going to pop over and visit you now. Plese come back to see me.