Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday Night Thoughts

Today I went back to work after being off for three days. It was a pretty pleasant day, not as busy customer wise as we'd have liked but it was ok.
I had a nice visit with my granddaughter and will get to see her once more before they go back to Washington.
I'm tired tonight so I'm not much into blogging right at the moment. Also on Wednesday I will have my root canal and that tooth is bothering me at the moment, a good bit. I have pain pills that the other dentist gave me when he pulled my tooth and I think I'll take one or two and call it a night. This tooth needs to hold on for just a few more days. It hasn't really hurt me much until now. Just my luck!
SO, that's my news for now.
Have a good weekend!


Linda said...

I just left you a comment, and I think the computer ate it, so I'll go again!!

I'm glad you had fun with your granddaughter. It's great that you get to see her again before she leaves.

Sorry your tooth is acting up. Nothing worse than a toothache. I hope the pain pills work and you can get some rest.

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

LOL, I hate when that happens Linda. I've written long emails where that's happened. Makes me mad! Hope you have a good weekend.