Saturday, July 07, 2007

Big City Life

This time of the year our little town is bustling and it's all because of the Watermelon. Because it was a good year people are walking around with a little extra money in their pockets.

There are migrant workers here from Mexico, from Haiti, and other places that normally are not. Migrant workers even have groupies that follow them from place to place and they are here too. They walk the streets at night. Ok, this is the not so nice part of the Watermelon season but to me it's interesting. You see these women know the migrant workers mostly get paid cash and so they are there to offer whatever they can do for them. Yep! It's true.

So for a few weeks our little town is like a big city with all that goes with it. In a few weeks all will be back to normal but for right now we are like New York City, and our little town never sleeps during the whole season.

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