Sunday, July 22, 2007


I heard this statement yesterday, "I went to the ATM machine and completely forgot my PIN number."

A little redundant don't you think?

If I'm really, really honest with myself I suppose I've been guilty of saying Automated Teller Machine Machine too, but never have I ever said Personal Identification number number!!! (Ok, maybe that once.)

You have to laugh at us and our world of abbreviations and acronyms. My mother was the first to introduce me to one. She'd say A-Sap and I at first just thought it was a word that meant, "do that right this minute or else!"

Nowadays with computers and text messaging they are used all the time. The Government is notorious for them as well.

"Fast" words for our "fast" world.


The_Gertster said...

OMG!!! I havent seen or heard "SWAK" in a million years!!!! At some point when I was a teenager and had a "boyfriend", we would use that on our "love letters" back and forth to each other! LOL

Robbin with 2 B's! said...
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Linda said...

You are so right about the fast words for the fast world. When I started using a computer, I had to learn all sorts of abbreviations!! I still learn new ones all the time!