Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Rockin' Robbin

How sweet is this? My friend Aisling over at The Quiet Country House nominated me for this award that is going around. Aisling and I are fairly new blogging buddies, I found her once and then she found me, and I just love her blog. She is such a talented poet and her photography is out of this world and guess what! She actually understands me most of the time and can follow my thoughts as they jump around all over this blog. Her words to describe my blog are dead on it, please go here and read what she wrote. Thank you so much Aisling. It was never my intent for this blog to be interesting to anyone but myself but it's always nice when someone enjoys something you wrote.

The hard part for me is now I'm suppose to nominate some blogger girls that I think are rockin'. I do read a lot of blogs by lots of talented gals but I'm mostly a lurker and sometimes I don't mark them as favorites, I like to jump around. But I have a few ideas and I'll post them later. Right now, I've got some rockin' to do! Cause after all, I'm a Rockin' Blogger Girl, you know!


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You're welcome, Robbin! I'm eager to see who you come up with! :)