Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Heat is ON!

Today is the first day of summer but here in Georgia it's been summer for a month or so. Today's high should be around 98 degrees. Funny to me when I was a little girl we survived without AC but today I think we'd die!

Today is also my best friend Steph and her husband's anniversary. I still remember that day eight years ago. I think it was 98 degrees then too. But it was a nice day and I treasure the picture I have of us that day.

"Happy Anniversary Steph and Chris!"

I'm off to work! WORK, WORK, WORK! Seems that's all I ever do. Wish I were instead off to the airport to Seattle. Now that would be nice.
Have a good day!

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The_Gertster said...

Thank You, Robbin!!!