Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ok, this is really none of my business.......

....but it is bugging the crap out of me!!

There's a house that I go by everyday on the way to and from work. During Christmas they decorated with red bows. After Christmas there were two bows they left up on the porch. One was on the porch light fixture and the other one was over the door.

Up until February, I figured they'd just somehow kept forgetting to take them down. Not my business anyway, who cares??

Through Easter, the bows stayed. By the end of April, there was a "For Rent" sign up and I noticed they'd packed up and moved guessed it! The bows stayed. Now I kept thinking ah ha! The house owner will take those things down. Wrong. They stayed.

Last week I noticed the "For Rent" sign down and moving trucks there. This week, it looks like the new family is all moved in. They've mowed the lawn, cut the shrubs, everything looks lived in already, and ......the red bows are still there! If I'd rented the house, the first thing I would have done is to remove the red bows!

I've tried to figure this out. Ok, so let's just say the first family really liked the way the bows looked. It's their house, so what? But how much of a chance would it be that the new family liked the way Red Christmas bows look in June? Maybe they are put up in a way that nobody can get them down. Highly unlikely. Maybe these new people are planning to have a "Christmas in July" celebration and decided to leave them up for now. Who knows, maybe Christmas lights and a tree are coming next. I don't know but it is driving me crazy!

Perhaps they've decided to leave them up for just one reason, to drive people like me nuts! And if that is the case, they've succeeded.

"Merry Christmas neighbors, welcome to the neighborhood." (Maybe I should take them a fruitcake or something.)

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