Tuesday, July 15, 2008

......and speaking of the Colors of my Life,

I've had a fairly Colorful morning. I woke up feeling Fantastic, I bugged my best friend on Instant messenger just when I knew she would be on our infamous "Conference Call" with our boss at work. We both always dread it and now, poor thing, she has to be on every Tuesday instead of me. So, I thought, when I saw her sign on the computer, I'd try to make her smile a little, she's having a hard time right now, I want to wave a magic wand and make it better, but I can't so I figured I'd distract her a little from our boss's voice talking about...well, the things a bosses talks about. In our case, sales, doing things correctly by company policy, that lovely stuff.

We chatted for a bit and then I had to get ready to go to town, to the hospital, to get blood drawn. In the shower, I washed my hair and then I got out, and albeit I don't have much hair, because of my mother's shears, as I dried what is left, I kept seeing more scalp than hair. I kept picking at it with my fingers, trying to get it to plump up. NO cigar! I then yanked on it and nothing, it was all intact, but then I decided to check the drain, and TADA~ Hair! Seems a bit has washed out, right in front no less.

So, ok, I get to wear a hat~ I got a really cute one from Walmart that comes down pretty low for when I am totally bald and I tied a yellow ribbon around it and off I go to the Oncology Department, thinking how cute I am, and OH, so fashionable. So, all goes well. I see my Nurse for a minute or two, talk about a little sore throat I've had off and on, they give me the paperwork, I got to the lab and do the deed and then I take my blood back to the Oncology Rooms.

I have a few errands to run, and since I'm feeling so great I do those, still really cute and fashionable. I am completely and utterly at peace with myself, all the other people I come in contact with and the world in general. Life is good.

I get a bite to eat, drive back to the country. I bring in my bag from shopping and notice the air is not on. Ummm. Ok, this time of year the power will go off and on sometimes, people using the A/C so much. I don't get too upset. After a while I start trying to remember if I did mail my light bill. And then I know I did. I look it up in my check book, and yep, there's where I wrote it down, check # 1058, last week, the 9th. But then I get the actual bill receipt out and it says, "CUT OFF DATE JULY 15, 2008".

Ummm. Ok, I know I mailed it. I remember because that was the day my mom helped me match receipts of the hospital bills and what the insurance had paid, I wrote a number of checks that day. AND MAILED THEM!

There are two things I do know about our County Power Commission. Their cut off date is TRUE. (Believe me, I know this) and they never leave a notice that they've done it. It bugged me and so I just had to jump in the car and just see for myself if my mother had power. She is not home but I can still check.
Sure enough, she has power!
So, I called the Power company, "yep" the guy just cut it off for non payment. The lady was nice, told me to call the bank and see if it had cleared, and then have them to fax it to her front and back. OK, I say, sweating now, and getting a little stressed.

The bank lady, very nice, but no check. So, my mother is in town, I called and asked her to go by and pay it again for me. I have to go through it all again with her, just to hear her say, "You paid that, I saw you when you wrote the check!"
Yes, but... they have no check, the bank has no check and I have no AIR! It would cost me a bunch to stop payment on the check, and the Power Commission will just credit it if it comes. I did have to pay a $15.00 re connection fee which ticks me off a little, buy oK, whatever, I just got to have AIR!

So, here I sit, on my mom's porch, where there is a cool breeze at the moment waiting for one of the power guy (who is having lunch) to come and restore my power. And yes, I know what he's thinking, "Why don't people just pay their bills!"

I could go inside the house here, but it is feeling good to me here right at the moment. There are birds singing and grass growing and I'm still feeling fantastic. And guess what? Life is still pretty good.


linda said...

well, geez, no warnings??? they just turn you off like that?

well, you seem to take it in better stride than I would...although I don't have AC, I wish I did this summer and can only imagine how hot it gets down there with the humidity and all. I would think some people could be made sick if they lost their air!

the hair thing is a bit freaky...to find you are losing it and OF COURSE...right in front! well, at least you are feeling well and that's what counts, right?

thank you for all the lovely things you said about my painting...it was very sweet to read them this morning and I deeply appreciate it.

linda said...
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Tammy said...

That stinks! I wonder if your other bills made it? I'm glad you took that and the hair in the drain in stride. A sign of a true warrior. ;)

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

I know, can you believe it Linda? Listen there was a time when I didn't have the money to PAY my power bill, and then there was a time when I did have the money and FORgot to pay it and now I had the money, remembered to pay it and still it gets cut off. Must be my destiny in life. And yeah, this time of year, I'd think they'd be a little more Lenient with the heat and folks.
And you are so welcome, I meant every word of it and wanted to share your beautiful work with every one I know.
And the hair thing!....HAHAHA! Piece of cake! Hair is just hair, it will grow back and Hats! They are so fun!
I did read however where to most people that is the most tramatic thing for people taking chemo. I can understand, it is a little freaky but not one of my major concerns.

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

I wondered the same thing, Tammy about my other stuff. I'll have to watch that account and see if the other checks clear. And oh yeah, I am a Warrior for sure, take it very serious you know, with your help and your inspiration.

Grace said...

((( Robbin )))

OK...I have tears of joy in my eyes, literally. What a BLESSING to read that you are feeling FANTASTIC today. Makes the thing with the power bills seem small in comparison.

And I can just picture you in your perky hat. YOU GO GIRL! :) May you be BLESSED with more JOY today!

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

OH Thank you Grace, so nice to see you here. I do feel really good, thank goodness. Thanks for checking on me and for caring. And yeah, so what about the power! I got it back now though, thank goodness. LOL>

Sage said...

Oh dear Robbin, I don't know what your temps were today, but I know ours was 98 according to the bank thermometer. I can't believe they turned your power off with no warning. I'm glad you have it back on now.

I am so impressed with you and your can do attitude! I'm happy you didn't freak out when you saw the hair in the drain, and I'm so glad you are feeling good. What an example you are to the rest of us who are complainig about such mundane things.

You are my hero, plain and simple. And I want you to know that you are second on the list of my prayers. Mom is first. I hate cancer. I absolutely hate cancer. But you are teaching me that life can go on anyway. Thank you dear Robbin.

Hugs and love,

Aisling said...

Robbin, Good gracious. What a day. You've got a terrific attitude, and I hope they get that AC up and running for you soon.


Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Hey Marge, I'm no hero, just dealing with it the best way I can and the only way I know to right now. The choices are really limited. And hair is just hair!
But thank you for your kind words and for all your prayers that I felt at the beginning and that I feel constantly from you. I agree Cancer is a bad bad disease and it robs too many people of quality of life.

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Hi Aisling, I got air back pretty quickly as soon as they had another check. See, I was just complaining of being bored, so there!