Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Cana Lily is blooming up in my mom's garden. IT looks like a burst of sunshine to me. I loved the yellow daylily but this lily is my favorite at the moment. We are forecasted for stormy weather today but I was hoping it would start during the night, as far as I know it didn't. But maybe today. I do have to go in to town around four for my super duper white cell building shot. It's a big shot too! And I'm not usually a weanie for shots but get this, it burns when they give it and so they say if you take it in the stomach it won't burn. I've never had a shot in the stomach before, and I think I'll go for the arm, sting and all. We'll see.
I woke up super early but I am feeling well rested.

Yesterday I witnessed a lady finding out about her cancer and being told about her treatments and when they told her she'd lose her hair she busted out crying. The nurse gave her a hug and some info on where she could shop for hats and wigs. I felt so bad for her, but she'll soon realize it's just hair. And maybe she'll accept it soon, and concentrate on the fight she has on her hands. I hope for her she does. She had a supporting husband there with her and he'll help her.

Anyway, nothing much new here. Everyday gets me closer to where I want to be and that's the deal for now, one day at a time.

I hope this day is a good one for all of you,


Becca said...

Oh these are so beautiful! They must give you a lift every time you look at them :)

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Oh yes, Becca, they are beautiful. Nature brings the best gifts.