Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Onward Into Battle

Ok, although things are still kind of scary for me, at least I understand what is going on now and why we are treating the cancer the way we are treating it. So therefore, I know exactly what my enemy is, where it is and exactly what my part is to fight it, for after all, I too am a Warrior. (Tammy says so).

The chemo is going to be agressive and rough, but I am game to do this.
I'm tough you see.

I have to have six treatments, three weeks apart. I will be given two different types of drugs. It is a sure thing that these drugs make you sick but there are also drugs given all along that fight the nausea and throwing up. I am told they've made great strides with these drugs and they work very well for most people. I intend on being one of those people.

Fatigue is a given and I'll have to listen to my body and not try and push it. I'm not sure about work yet, he said we'll see how I do after my first treatment.
This does not mean I don't still have to have radiation, but that will be after this.

This Dr. is a good one and he answered all my questions and I understand things now. When the Radiologist dismissed me last week, I was so confused, I couldn't understand what exactly I was dealing with.

It is for preventive measures, even the chemo. Although they can't be sure they are pretty sure several lymph nodes not in the pelvic area could be cancer. And so, to prevent that from spreading this is our course of action. He says it may seem extreme for something we're not even sure about being cancer but he is pretty sure and we do know if we take the chance its not and it spreads to an organ, then we have bad problems.
And so, I feel better.
Oh, and one more thing. One of the drugs I will be using definitely without a doubt causes you to lose your hair.
But it will grow back and maybe this time I'll have curly hair!
Thanks for all the prayers, keep them coming, and for all your support. You just don't know how much it means to me.


Sage said...

I was thinking of you today as I knew it was the day to get some answers. And it sounds like you did get your questions answered and you now know exactly what you are dealing with. That is good. We can deal with what we know about; it's the unknown we can't deal with.

Robbin's prayer warriors will work overtime to cover you in prayers. I know I will.

Sending hugs, prayers and love,

linda said...

hi robbin...although it must be terrifying, I am glad you know exactly what and why you are dealing with...and it sounds very intense and difficult....I know just from reading your blog, you will have many keeping you deep in prayers and warm thoughts....you can do it and of course, that's partly because you don't have a whole lot of choice but even so, you can do it! it will be a long year and then behind you, hair, curly or straight, it will be done and you can move on in life even stronger(if that's possible) than you already are...take good care of YOU.

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Thank you both, Marge and Linda. I know I'll get through this because many people before me have and have gone on to live many more years.
thanks for caring and for the thoughts and prayers for sure.

Memaw's memories said...

You are my hero for being so brave. I've added you to my prayer list.

And, hey if guys can look sexy bald,why can't you?

And if losing your hair is the worst of it, I think you have it whipped.

Tammy said...

Sounds like you have a plan Robbin. My hair is 1/4" after my cuts and it is so liberating. No bad hair days and showers go quick.;)

You are so not alone as we all gather our armor to stand with you!
Don't think of anything but this fight and journal it. It will be a battle you can look back on with pride.

Much love and mojo!

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Shirley and Tammy, thanks for your words of encouragment, keep it coming.

jason said...
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jason said...
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jason said...
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