Thursday, July 31, 2008

Message From the Universe

You needn't worry. There is time. You have all the time in the world. You preceded time and you will exist beyond it. Age is irrelevant; more meaningless than a number. Forever, Robbin, you have FOREVER. There is no dream you now have that you will not manifest. There is no challenge you now face that you will not crush and dispose of. There is no point in spending one more second of your awesome, amazing life, thinking anything to the contrary.

The Universe


gRACE said...

oh my god, Robbin...I came 'this' close to posting this myself. What a timely message!

Just this morning, I had a little boo hoo pitty party. I was telling God all about how I was giving up hope because so many of my 'dreams' just didn't seem to be materialzing....all these years (decades?) and many of the Big Ones like being happily married, having a career that truly 'means' something, etc., just never seemed to quite come and stay.

Then I dried my eyes, took a deep breathe, and began remembering all of the GREAT things that are in my life right now. I gave God my as-yet unfulfilled desires and said, "OK...these are yours. I'm just going to focus on what is in front of me today".

Then I read this, the first thing in my email box :)

Isn't it amazing how the perfect message can make it's way to us at the perfect time???

We do NOT have to worry! wooo whoooo

(P.S. I'm DANCING with you today! What wonderfully great news!!!!)

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

I know Grace, is that not the coolest message? AND yes, sometimes it's amazing the ones you get that hit you just when you need to be reminded and we don't have to worry at all.
Yep, we're dancing together, we got each other and that alone is wonderful!