Thursday, July 31, 2008

Amy, you Might want to skip this Post

My Daughter in Law, Amy, hates needles, she has improved a lot lately but this is going to freak her out. The shot I had to get today, I got in the stomach. Now I know that sounds terrible but here's the deal, I felt it not at all. They say it stings something terrible in the arm but she promised me it would not in the stomach. She went in right next to my belly button and I hardly knew she stuck me. TOO COOL!

Of course as with any of the drugs, this on has side effects possibly and it is bone pain of the large bones. The meds builds white blood cells so it goes straight to the bone marrow in your bones. Very interesting really. AND so now I'm a mean white cell making machine!

So far so good. She advised me to start taking Ibuprofen and to keep some in my system for the next few days, so that's what I'm doing.

ANYway, I've had a good day, the heat zaps me and when I went into town it was like the hottest part of the day but I wasn't out much nor for long.

I am almost completely bald and I wore a cute denim hat with a silk flower in it with jeans and a blue top, so I thought I was cute.

My Nurse is so proud of how my body is handling that big dose of drugs yesterday, and I am too. Another good take which I accept with all the grace and I can muster..

AND I GOT A SHOT IN THE STOMACH! Am I tough or what?

Have a good night! See ya in the morning.


P.S. I warned you AMY, but I know you read it anyway, lol!


Becca said...

Yay! for you, Robbin! It's amazing how strong you can be when you have to be. You know that old saying about the tea bag and the women - she's gets stronger when she's in hot water :)

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

That's right, us women, we are amazing creature, I mean goodness, we have to have babies, we have to go through menopause, we have to worry about everything, and we just get stronger and stronger and learn how to handle what ever comes our way, and sometimes it is hard!

amy said...

Well, of course I read it anyway! You know, my needle phobia is still very much there . . . it's something I cannot explain. I have just figured out that I am a little tough, too! I can handle stuff when I need to handle it! I have figured out that if that needle is going to help me out, then I can mentally put my big girl panties on and get it over with.
I'm so glad you did not have a negative experience with this big ol' shot. You are truly one tough lady . . . and a very fashionable one right now, I can only imagine. :-) I'm proud of you, and I love ya.

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Amy, even the thought of a shot in the stomach was a little more for me to handle. I knew she was going to offer it to me there as I had heard her the other day ask another lady and that lady chose it in her arm, which I was intending to but my nurse urged me to try it and so OK, I did.
I know you are better and you are tough too! We do what we have to do. And I'm proud of you!