Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Morning After

I hesitate to write this post this morning because, well, I am feeling pretty well and I don't want to jinx it or something.
The treatment lasted from about 12 noon yesterday until 6. The first hour I got a whole bag of potassium and other liquids, and then the first cancer med went in, it was such a lovely shade of red which I found out later comes out of your body a lovely shade of pink. At the same time this is dripping in, another med that helps with nausea is dripping too.
After that comes a bigger bag of the second cancer drug, along with something that flushes your kidneys and then last we end with another bag of liquids. Needless to say you have to go pee quite a few times during all this, you just get up and roll your IV stand with you. I sat in a huge leather recliner and just chilled out for six hours.
Oh, and remember those 125 dollar apiece pills? She gave me the first one yesterday and then I took the second one today and the third one tomorrow. They are the newest greatest thing on the market to fight the nausea and so far so good. She said insurance companies sometimes won't approve them but mine did, God love them, and so instead of $370 bucks for these three little marvels, I had to pay 45 bucks. Worth every cent I'm thinking.
Anyway, the time went by pretty fast. My mother came with me and then she left for a bit and ran some errands and then Steph came to visit me on her supper break and that helped and I read a little and napped a little and really the last hour was the slowest.
Originally I was to come in this morning to get a shot that super builds back white cells but he thought my beginning blood count looked so good that we wouldn't need that just yet. The chemo will kill some of them off, healthy ones and the bad ones we need them to, but for now I'll just go next week to have blood drawn and he'll keep close watch on that.
Last night I had a headache and I ate a very light supper of cold chicken and a piece of bread and some jello for dessert. The headache got a little intense so I took some Advil and the next thing I knew I was waking up in my recliner around midnight and I went to bed and slept like a baby, I swear it was the best sleep I'd had since Jonathan's death. No dreams, nothing, just sleep, deep sleep.
I woke at six thirty this morning, hungry. So I had a very light breakfast and even coffee (I'd read where some chemo patients could no longer drink coffee or even stand the smell). So I had coffee. Took the meds I'm suppose to take and although I still have a slight headache, which I'm not even sure is related to the chemo, I feel pretty good. I'm a little shaky and a little off balance when I walk but other than that, so far so good. Of course I realize it's only a little over 12 hours but they say you get sick if you are going to get sick somewhere between 24 and 48 hours. And then the bone pain comes, for some it's worse than for others but most people have it. And that lasts four or five days and then you start feeling better and then guess what? It's time for another treatment.
My nurse advised me to keep something in my stomach, eat little meals five or six times a day much like a Diabetic needs to do. So I'll try that today.
It must be all those prayers and vibrations and thoughts that has me doing so well right now. You guys are good! So, for now we're winning the first battle. But like I say, I'm not letting my guard down, not be negative, just being prepared.
And so that's my update. Oh, I forgot to tell you, the nurse said my face would probably turn red today, just for today. Who knows? I didn't ask. Just something that beautiful red chemo med does I guess.

Thank you all again so much. I told the nurse yesterday I had women from coast to coast and in the middle fighting this with me and she just looked at me like I was nuts. LOL. If only she knew.
Love you guys,
Have a good day.
You'll probably hear more from me today.


Sage said...

I'm so glad to hear that you're winning the battle at this point. I'm been keeping you in my thoughts, hoping that things were going okay. I'm guessing that you were a little nervous though...... I would be scared to death. I'm thankful you've had the strength given you so you could face the trials you've been given lately. And you do know, that just like the Verizon commercials, you have people behind you! A whole crowd of people, cheering you on, praying for you, and sending good thoughts and hugs your way.

I'm proud of you and hope all continues to go well.

Blessings, Marge

turquoise cro said...

Just popping in to say rest, rest, rest!!! Thinking of YOU and hoping those pills do their job with that nausea! prayers from WV, Cinda

Tammy said...

Look at you! I'm so happy to hear you only have minor side effects. I know it may be early but it's looooooooooking good!

(((Happy dance)))


linda said...

well Tammy stole my happy dance routine so I will do my happy JIG a couple of times around you! I am sooooo glad you did not barf for hours! I thought about you all day long as I laid around doing my usual routine of laying around :) I had you in my thoughts all the way til late last night and kept checking your blog to see if you had posted and so this morning, well, 11:30AM, I check and there you are just almost fine! HURRAY! Maybe this is what will be with all the meds working the way they are supposed to meaning that expensive nausea pill....!!! Hugs(((robbin)))

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

LOL, that's right Marge, I got the whole crew following me around. It's working. Still I feel fine. Thank goodness. Thanks for checking in.

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Thanks Cinda, I feel so good. The oncology nurse told me I'd have a red face today and I do, looks like a sunburn that doesn't burn and that will last only for a day and other than that, I'm good. I'm doing what she suggested and that is to eat little things throughout the day to keep something in my stomach and I took that magic pill this morning.
Thanks again for checking on me.

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

I'm so glad too Tammy! I really feel like doing a happy dance really, I feel that good, maybe I'll do it!
Love ya,
I wondered how close you were to those fires, YOU take care, I know the smoke is rough, we had that last spring.
Love ya,
will email you later probaby.

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

oh, Tammy, tell Dave thanks for asking and wondering about me. I'm so glad we got him! LOL.

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Well Linda, you can do a happy dance and a happy jig too! I love to watch Irish people do jigs, I could never learn to dance at all! Too clumsey I think.
I am so thankful for this day because I've read and read where people were so sick even before they got home from treatment.
So if I'm spared this part of it this time I will be forever grateful. THe nurse says the muscle pain usually starts the third of forth day and last for three or four days, so we'll see how that goes. THank you so much and Take care of you!