Friday, July 04, 2008

A Quiet Evening

I'm winding my day down, safe in my home and taking it easy tonight. My implant incision didn't bother me too much at all but I am especially tired tonight, even with a short work day. I had supper with my parents which was country short ribs, potato salad, and baked beans. I should have stopped there but we had dessert too, so I am full. Really full, probably like a bunch of other Americans are today. We do so indulge, we Americans.

I was invited by two different people who live near the lake to come and watch fireworks tonight but I think I'm settled in for the night. My chair is feeling very good right now.
Work was busy although we didn't sell many pairs of glasses, we did repairs and sold some accessories. The Dr. worked a few hours and mostly had no shows so he finally gave it up and went home.

Speaking of our Doctor, he sort of shocked and stunned us the other day. He and I have worked together now for five or six years. He is a little "different" but it has been my experience in this career that most Optometrist do walk to the beat of a different drummer. Anyway, he is real sullen and the type that sees the glass half empty, that sort of thing. I always tell him he is so negative and sometimes he and I argue like an old married couple. I know his moods and he knows mine but I respect him as a Doctor and a person and we've never had any bad problems like some of the Vision Center managers do with their doctors.

Since he is the only male in our little domain, he mostly just sits at his desk, doing crosswords while we, if we have no customers, talk as women will do. He ignores us most of the time. So, all that said, maybe you can get the sort of person he is and you'll understand why this shocked me so much.

It was one of those times when there were no customers and the girls and I were yakking. Vicki is always talking about winning the lottery (although I don't think she ever buys tickets) but anyway she always tells us what she is going to buy each of us when she DOES win. This was the topic of conversation this day and she told me she was going to buy me my little cabin in the woods I want so badly and she told Loni she was going to buy her a brand new car and then she looked at the Dr., and said "I don't know what I'll buy you, what do you want?"

We're all laughing and waiting for some negative response that we'd usually get and instead here's what he said,
"What I want more than anything money won't buy." and we all looked at him and waited and he said, "What I want is for Robbin to be well."

There was this silence, we were all stunned I think, and tears filled my eyes and Vicki said, "DR. P, that is so sweet". I'm glad she said something because I was so unable to respond but he knew how much it touched me as our eyes met and I nodded a teary smile to him.
You never know about people, I swear!


Aisling said...

Reading that brought tears to my eyes. That's a very, very good wish.


Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Aisling, because he's not one to openly say what he feels it really shocked me. I knew he cared but for him to express it like that touched me to my very soul. And I will never forget it.

Tammy said...

THAT gave chills and made my eye's watery. Cheers to him!

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Yep, Tammy, I'd never thought in a minute he cared that much. People can sure surprise you sometimes for sure.