Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A Busy Day

Ok, well all this Cancer business is hard work. First I had to go to see the Surgeon who will insert a port in my chest. The port is inserted under your skin and it prevents them from sticking you every time. A kind lady at the Chemo place was nice enough to show me hers yesterday. She said it did not hurt, it wasn't uncomfortable and even though you know it's there, its like glasses or something, and you get used to it.

After the Surgeon, off to the hospital to talk to the drug man who explained to me that he will not put me completely under but I probably won't remember much. I have to be there at eight o'clock, its an outpatient thing so I will come home and sleep off the rest of the drugs.

I did some shopping at Walmart, went in to visit with my girls at work to catch them up on things and to change next week's schedule. I had lunch with Steph and then I had to stop up at my mother's who has found hats and scarves on the American Cancer Society and I ordered a cute hat and scarf thingie.
Oh and I had to go by the pharmacy and picked up meds. I'm not to take them until my treatment. There is one that has 3 pills and it is to fight nausea, you take one the day before, one the day of and the other the day after. They warned me it is expensive and sometimes the insurance companies pitch a fit but I guess mine didn't because it cost $370 and I only paid $45 for it. They say (the Chemo people) that it is great. So alrighty then. Thank GOD for health insurance.

I plan to go ahead and shave my head between my first and second treatments. That's what they recommend you do, since with this drug there's no question that you lose your hair and it gets really messy if you don't just get it over with.
Everyone has a nice suggestion to help me with this . Amy offered to lend me Haleigh's Hannah Montana Wig but I'd hate to deprive my son from it. She also thought we could glue rhinestones and sequences all over my head. The girls at work suggested I get a hat with braided pigtails hanging down, and my Aunt Ellen says I should buy the REDDEST wig I can find and just let people wonder what's up with me.

I appreciate all the suggestions but I think I'll just use very cute hats and scarves.

And don't miss out my picture of the day at the top of my blog that Tammy sent me, it looks like my little Sweetie Dog. We're all ready for battle around here.
I'll report back about this "port" doohicky thing tomorrow. I got to tell you, fighting Cancer ain't for Sissies!
Love you guys,
Hope you are had a good day.


Aisling said...

There's a lot to think about, isn't there? I love the warrior Sweetie Dog. She will have to stand in for those of us who aren't close enough to offer support in person.


Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Aisling, my mind is spinning, who knew?
I love that picture, it is too cute for sure.

Sage said...

"fighting cancer ain't for sissies!" You said it well! You are a strong fighting warrior, and you will beat this thing. And your online friends will walk every step of the way with you.

Are you scheduled to start soon? My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Hi Marge, today I go for the port and then I will have my first treatment on Tuesday. They say I will know how I will handle it after that first treatment, it will be an indication of how things will go. Although he did say the 4th and 5th treatment will be the worse. SO, we'll see how it goes. Thanks as always for your words and support and prayers. Keep'em coming. I hope your mother had a good week so far and that YOU are taking some time for yourself.

Tammy said...

You ain't no sissie my friend!

Warm HUG

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Nor you Tammy! Your strength and character, your words and care, all these things are my guiding light here. WE are warriors and with my army of supporters here we are going to fight this with bravery.