Sunday, July 06, 2008

As I strolled this Sunday afternoon things were very quite. The weather is over cast and although the temperature of this themomoter under the porch says it's a little over 80 degrees, it is very humid and feels a lot hotter than that. The air is thick.

Oddly, the bird feeders are empty. Not even one bird the whole time I walked around my mother's yard did I see. That is strange in itself.

I've always loved this little saying that is in the Butterfly Garden. Even though nothing is blooming in that garden at the moment. The dry weather we've had has affected some of the colorful plants she has there from blooming very much. So, I spotted not one butterfly.

Most of her potted plants are looking pretty good. She waters them like crazy and this one is a Bird's Nest Fern. It is especially special to me as it came from a group of plants that were sent for Jonathan's memorial.

This is a special place we sit sometimes, especially when it is not too hot. It does have a big Sycamore Tree shading the area that my kids climbed and now grandkids climb, it is a good climbing tree for sure.

I noticed in town around the banks and office building the Crepe Myrtles are beautiful but ours here are sparse and haven't done too well. Still what blooms there are, are pretty.

MY mom puts plants in strange things sometimes. This one grows in an old grill.

These pretty little flowers don't look real, they are really healthy.

The wild Crab Apple tree is bearing fruit.

Just some more of her planted pots around the back door.

I love this plant, it is over filling the washtub she has planted it in.

There is going to be a bumper crop of figs this year, I thought I'd eat this one but it looked kind of bad and the ants had gotten to it first, darn it!

I did find an interesting web and the spider himself. He is a different looking fellow for sure.

Afternoon storms with heavy winds has caused us to lose limbs and has caused damaged on many trees.

And Mr. Big Rooster himself gave me a profile shot to show how pretty he is.

Though a little quite today in the Nature World, it was good to check things out and take time to notice it all and thanks Aisling for inviting us. Don't forget to check out the other strollers on

The Quiet Country House.


Aisling said...

Robbin, It sounds like there is a bit of a lull in blooming going on in the hotter parts of the country. I liked your stroll; I could feel the quiet that you wrote about. Is it the calm before another storm, do you think?

I was glad to catch a glimpse of Sweetie in the photo of the plant overflowing the washtub. She is an important element of your stroll photos for me! *grin*

I'm so glad you were able to stroll today. :)

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Aisling, it was the quiet I think although we didn't have too much of a storm but a nice long rain, hard rain but maybe one long enough that will soak in where we need it to.
And Oh, yes, Sweetie is constantly by my side and enjoys these strolls so much herself. She points out things to me that I might in fact miss you know.
I'm off to see your stroll now as I just got home from eating up at my mother's and didn't have a chance when I posted you about my stroll. Thanks again for inviting us each Sunday, it's becoming a habit for sure.

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Robbin, I found your blog thru Aisling's quiet country house. I loved your stroll, and I read your other posts. I'm so sorry you are ill. I hope the treatments don't cause too many side effects. Thinking of you.~~Dee

Tammy said...

What a lovely stroll Robbin. I love a crepe myrtle. :) xxoo

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Welcome Dee, thanks for your good wishes and do come again. And Tammy, are there Crepe Myrtles in California? They are so pretty here this time of the year.