Wednesday, July 30, 2008

About Yesterday

Ok, yesterday was quite interesting. First of all the Dr. who comes from a nearby larger town was two hours late getting there. So by the time he came, he had around twenty people waiting. I've never seen more than five or six people in there at a time. The nurse told us we could if we wanted go ahead and eat lunch so we ate at the hospital and came back and he was there and we didn't have to wait too long. But in the meantime I had to go to xray because my port was acting not nice, and they wanted to make sure it was ok, it was.

I really like Dr. Neal. I had told the nurses about my fear that my kidneys weren't acting like they were suppose to and they'd already sent me for blood test, for my blood count and for the kidney function. So he assured me my kidneys were working good.. He asked me how I'd been feeling and I told him that actually I'd felt pretty good. I told him I was tired mostly but had only had a few days when I had felt really crappy. He said, "Oh, come on, you can tell me the truth" and I told him I Was, but he smiled at me and I said, "I told you I was tough!" and he said I know and you are! I had first told him I had to work and he had told me he didn't think so but I decided he knew more than me and I told him I had decided not to try to work and he told me he knew I'd decide that.

And he poked and prodded a little and listened to my heart and made sure my ankles weren't swelled and then here's the deal.

He is a young Dr. and he is constantly up on new studies. He starts off telling me about the study which I won't bore you with here and what he wants to do and what I've decided to let him do is to add another Drug to my treatment. I will take it by itself, every three weeks, the day after my normal treatment, starting today. It is Taxol which is commonly used but he's giving me a pretty good punch because he says I'm young (I love this guy) and strong and in good enough health to handle it and because I've got lots more years to live he thinks we should do all we can to make sure cancer does not recur.

This one has mostly the same side effects as the others but the one big thing is that it has caused an allergic reaction to enough people that they will put me on a heart machine, monitor my blood pressure and who knows what else while they give it to me today, and maybe every time, I'm not sure about that.

I asked him if he was determined to make me sick??? And he said he was determined to make me well, so what could I say? He is the Dr and I do trust him and so there it is. BUT the best thing about it is, if I respond well, there is a chance,, no promise but a chance that I won't have to have radiation at the end of this and that would be wonderful!

So, another surprise thrown at me, but one I'm not feeling too badly about.
I feel fine this morning, and I don't go back until one this afternoon. I'm taking all kind of pills to ward off the effects and I think this first jolt of chemo every time actually makes me feel good, but I'm weird you know.

I'm not under house arrest anymore, I will go in tomorrow and get a shot that super builds the white cells up and although I still have to be careful I can go and buy groceries and do shopping. So that is good.

SO, hang on it could be a bumpy ride but I seem to be hanging on for dear life and that's what I'm fighting for, DEAR LIFE!

Thanks for being there all of you.
I'll keep you posted.


Sage said...

I a so proud of you! You are just vaulting over every stumbling block that is thrown in your path!

I'm happy that you got off house arrest so you can be out and about once in awhile. Just be careful, for as you said, you are fighting for DEAR LIFE. Your DEAR LIFE, DEAR ONE.

Have a great day and keep us posted. Still praying for lots of white cells!


Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Thank you Marge, I figure this is God's intervention from all the prayers I'm getting and I have lots of faith he knows what he is doing. Maybe Jonathan has a little pull too, his spirit was so very sweet and he loved me so much and so it just seems to be working itself out day by day in my favor.
I hope you feel ok today. Losing someone makes us to so much thinking and rethinking and just makes us learn a little more about ourselves.
Love ya! Bunches.

linda said...

hi robbin! wow, so much news, I don't know where to's wonderful you can go out and about a bit but please don't wear yourself out, dear woman! I would agree with everyone else that you are one tough woman :) I mean that in only the most admirable keep me centered in what I am doing because I know you are going down a rougher path than I so I need to be at least as strong as you.... sounds like this week is the week for the chemo then? AND the new drug too. You will be in my thoughts and prayers, as always.


Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Hey Linda, I did good today and I feel good, just tired. They were proud I didn't have an alergy reaction to it as I guess most people do. Tomorrow I go for a shot and then I don't go back until August 19th!