Thursday, July 10, 2008

End of Another Day

Ok, I'm out of the range of being sick, like throwing up and nausea sick. I have started feeling a little fuzzy headed, like I'm over drugged, lol. Well that's probably true. No pain, just sort of meek like a kitten. Actually it is not a bad feeling but it is a weird feeling. Sort of like slow motion.
Because I thought I'd feel really bad the next few days I was going to put a turkey breast in the crock pot and make a few things like a pasta salad and a Kidney Bean salad. But that didn't happen today, maybe tomorrow morning I will get that going. Tonight I settled for a Lean Cuisine something that filled the spot. My mom did some grocery shopping today for me and that was good. I could have done it probably but since she was going to town she volunteered and I was happy to give her a list of what I thought I would eat.

It would be nice to have that personal chef I've always wanted right about now.

Thanks for so many of you guys checking on me today. Each one is so special to me.

It is so miserably hot here this week. I am cool in my house though and this afternoon I did sit out under a shade tree for a little bit for the fresh air.

And so that is the end of my pretty boring day. And if I can make it as well the next through days without too many side effects I will feel very blessed. Of course I know the next round might be worse but we'll worry about that then.

I think I am going to be able to sleep tonight so that is where I am headed.
We'll see how tomorrow goes.

The moon is a half moon tonight but covered in clouds now. IT was out during the day today inbetween those beautiful puffy clouds in a blue sky. I wish I had a camera that would take a good picture of it. If you can see it, go look. As beautiful as I always think the full moon is, tonight the half moon sends me a message and it is every bit as special half as it is full. Well my moon thingie on my side bar says it's 60% full but it looked like a half to me during the day. SO go look anyway, if you can see it.


Rapunzel said...

Robbin, if I lived nearby I'd bring you a nice hot cooked meal. :-) I know how much that means to my mom and dad at this point.

Big hugs, hope today finds you feeling better.

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Oh I know your parents do so appreciate that. I would too!
Thanks for the hugs and hope you have a good day too. Thanks for visiting.

Sage said...

I don't know if you could call me a personal chef, but I could try! I have perfected several of Pioneer Woman's incredible recipes, so I'll cook up a storm and be by for dinner!

I do hope you continue to do well. It seems as if your positive attitude has taken you a long way down the path of acceptance and I know in my heart that you are going to be okay. No one promised that we wouldn't stumble along that path, but you are getting up each time and pressing forward. Good for you. I am proud of you!

And I'm sending thoughts, prayers and hugs. Have a good day again today.


Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Oh Ok Marge, I wish you could. LOL. And I know you would too.
Well, its easier to keep a good attitude for me to stay in the dumps, those are the choices before me. I have my slip-ups for sure and today it has been dealing with the grief for Jonathan. It is hard. Much worse than the Cancer but the cancer has kept my mind from wandering lately. Thanks for your words and I hope your day is going good too!