Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Another Special Prayer

Of all the books in the Bible, Psalms has always been a favorite of mine, even as a child. Like I told Steph, it's the poet in me. Steph saw a beaded bracelet once made with colors that were based on the 23rd book of Psalms. and I made her and my mom one. Also made one for Steph's daughter, these are the ones I made for Steph and little Robbin. The nurse had a bracelet on yesterday and my Mom had pointed it out to me and when Steph came to visit I told her that I thought that was a Psalms 23rd Bracelet. But instead of Psalm 23, I said Psalm 57 by mistake. I looked at Steph and said, "What's Psalm 57?" We decided she'd better look it up when she got home. I had completely forgotten about it but she did and here's her blog on it along with the verse. Check it out. I think it's a special meaning for me so I'm posting the verse right under my Navajo Prayer that Aisling sent me on my sideboard. I see a bit of similarity to them which is quite comforting to me too. Thanks Steph for remembering to look that up. Very special to me.

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