Friday, July 11, 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For

I've had another good day and for that I am thankful. If I get through this first one so well, maybe I'll be good and strong to get through the next five ones. The Dr. said that treatments 4 and 5 will be the worse on me, I didn't ask why at the time, but I'm gonna next time I get to see him.

I spent most of the day with my mother and her computer. She has Zone Alarm and Microsoft did an update that prevented her server from getting through, I talked to the server and Microsoft but will have to call back tomorrow as lots of people were having the same problem so instead of waiting an hour to talk, I will try in the morning. In the meantime they have to take the Zone Alarm off alert to get online. I enjoyed that, it gave me something to do that made me feel needed. And then next we tried to call IRS because she is so concerned that they've not yet received their Stimulus check, but the same there, too many calls, other people wondering the same thing.

And then we cut my hair, as short as possible, she did pretty good, the back is a little rough looking but I have a Gilligan like hat that covers it up pretty good for now, and it's ok for me, I just didn't want a bunch of hair to start falling out, when it does.

And then my son Matthew called and we had a nice long chat, he always makes me feel good. He's a good boy, I mean Man.

And I believe I am going to be able to sleep pretty soon.
Now here's the deal, BE careful what you wish for.
I don't know how many days in the last few years I've said, "I wish I Didn't have to work today". And now I'd love to go to work.

I think the Universe may have answered me, I should have said "I wish I didn't have to go to work today and be well while I'm not working." I should have been more specific.

I wish for you all a good and fun Weekend.
ANd if you have to go to work................DON'T COMPLAIN!


linda said...

haha, well that's sure careful WHAT you wish for or how you wish for it to happen :)

I am glad you had a good day, talked to your son and helped out your mom...I am even glad you have a gilligan hat so as not to take yourself too seriously! I would love to know WHY you have a gilligan hat...hmmm...

I answered your comment on my blog ON my blog for seems to work the best but I will say it here prayers go to you that you will continue to have good days going through that nasty about side effects! I shouldn't even complain really but I do anyway, haha...

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Thanks Linda, you deserve to feel good so onward to the fight toward that, and sometimes we have to complain. Mostly see you dealing with it with a sence of humor and I see you as a real fighter and your spirit shines through! So, we'll just hold on tight and keep on keeping on.