Sunday, July 13, 2008

With things so hot and dry here, nothing much exciting is blooming but then that doesn't mean you can't still take a stroll and see what you can see. This morning, Sweetie and I had a place in mind where there is fruit bearing like crazy! A fruit that I didn't care much for as a child but one that I've learned to love. We got out early, while the grass was still very wet with dew, but it is going to be very hot again today so it was our opportunity.
It was around eight thirty and the sun is blazing already but the humidity not so bad. And with my fake Crocks, the dewey wetness felt very good to my feet.
There's nothing much in my yard except overgrown shrubbs and grass, but LOOK, there are tiny little pecans growing on my pecan trees.
We keep walking toward my mom's house where that big old family Fig tree is. And it is going nuts or FIGS I guess I should say. SO we have a second breakfast right off the tree. Sweetie eats them too!
This is the big tree itself. It is from a clipping, I've said before from my mother's grandfather's tree that she ate off from a child.
And here's the lucious fruit that by the way has great health benefits, if you want to read about them here.
My Step Father's upside down tomato plants didn't work out, they broke off but he got some more and are growing them right side up and they are looking great. He has a marigold plant in each one to prevent the bugs.
My mom has this Hydrangea that is sort of a weird color right now. IT is not the prettiest right now, almost dried up, but you can still see the color.
This is just the front of the property that shows the pines. It was beautiful to me this morning.
And then we walked back home through the wooded little path and watched for anything we could see, but it was just pretty woods.
And of course, Sweetie had to stop around some junk to search for Lizards, her favorite sport. My mother would be horrified to know I posted this picture which is at the barn between her and my house, but it is just JUNK that my Step father has , And sweetie thinks its a great place to find Lizards..
Thanks to Aisling for inviting us to always join her on Sundays, don't forget to visit her and to join in if you want. Happy Sunday to you all.


Aisling said...

Robbin, It looks as if the light was very pretty on your walk this morning. There is something nice about getting out very early in the day, when all the world is still and quiet.

Did Sweetie find any lizards?

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

NO lizards today Aisling, thanks for coming to visit.

Margaret Evans Porter said...

Oh, Robbin--I can't express my feelings when I saw those small green pecans, and the fig tree and figs! A close and dear relative of mine had both sorts of trees, and it brought back so many memories...I've got a potted fig tree on my screened porch, it winters inside, but hasn't borne fruit for a couple of years now. I keep it anyway--for the memories!
Lovely stroll!

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Oh, thank you for visiting my stroll Margaret, I'll go to visit yours too. I enjoy yours always. Glad you found some happy memories in what I saw today.

linda said...

it looks so lovely there, with a forest and that fig tree AND a pecan tree too! My dog likes to step on the lizard's tails to catch them, which, of course does not we have alot of tail-less lizards running all over! I really enjoyed strolling with you today and am glad you are feeling well enough to do it :)

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

LOL, here too Linda, lots of tail-less lizards. She seldom catches one, but she sure loves the hunt. Thanks for strolling with me today too. I loved yours. And yep, still feeling pretty good. Thank goodness. I hope you are feeling better too.

Sage said...

Thanks for taking me along on your stroll this morning. What a lovely walk from your place to your mom's. I've never eaten a fig off a tree, but it sounds absolutely wonderful!

I've been away from the computer for only 24 hours, but I find I've had to really catch up! Hope your indigestion is all gone. And I'm glad your fish was good! I love fish, especially fresh caught halibut or salmon. (son in Alaska!) I used to love crab too, but have developed an allergy to shell fish. And the last time I ate fish I felt kind of funny, so I'm hoping it's not all seafood now that I'm allergic to!

I'l praying you continue to do well, and when we come to the next chemo treatment, we'll deal with it then. For now, enjoy feeling well. Hope your weekend was relaxing.....I'll post pictures of my weekend soon.


Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Hi Marge, thanks for joining me on my stroll. I've tried so hard to like fish but for the life of me I can't seem to. Oh, you should just taste that fresh fig, I wish you could.
THat's how I'm looking at it too, if we get through this one this good, we won't worry about the next one until then. I hope your Mom is feeling ok, and I hope you too. ANd I can't wait for your pictures!