Saturday, July 12, 2008

The End of This Day

Well, ok. I must admit the fish was not bad. I ate a little bit and some other stuff and am quite satisfied and my body got something really good and healthy.
I've got a real handle on the bothersome indigestion and I have felt really good. Of course there's not much energy going, but I did manage a nice walk around my mother's yard after supper and it had cooled down a little not to be miserable.
Matthew and I talked last night how weird it is to get Chemo and they tell you all these side effects and then you have to just sit and wait, like to see what is going to happen. I am so grateful for so far. I know that the other treatments may and probably will be different but this one's been very easy. And so it just has to be because of all the positive energy I got behind me. From here, from my own family and friends, from sometimes complete strangers. Funny how life works like that.
And so I have another day behind me and for the next two weeks I ought to be just fine, which is when things are going to be bad cause I'm going to want to go to work so badly.
But one day at a time huh?

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