Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Life Topsy Turvy

It really sort of cracks me up to think about the things I've dreaded before are actually the things I look forward to now. For example, I am very excited about this family reunion coming up for this next weekend. The families take turns in having it and usually it is in Florida, and it is mostly my mom's generation that attends, and I guess since I've been grown I've not been to the one except when it comes around to be her families time. Which is about every five years or so I guess. I usually dread it. But this time, I am looking forward to it.
I don't really know my mom's cousins and their families all well, but because it's here my own cousins that I don't see very often of my own generation and will be there and although I saw some of them for Jonathan's Memorial, I didn't get to really get to visit with them. So I'm looking forward to that I guess.
I also am excited that my Aunt will be here early and I will have something to do with helping her and my mom get things ready. All of this is foreign to me you see, as in the past, I've tried to avoid this sort of thing.

Nothing with me is "normal" right now. Things like this change you for sure and who I'll end up being is not known to me at this moment but I know I have lessons to learn and things to do. I feel a need to be in contact with people. Real contact, and what in the world~ I'm a hermit! LEAVE me alone, I want to be alone. That has been my motto for a while now. I'd go to work, try to help my customers with all the kindness and respect they deserve and then come home and just stay HOME. I guess not having that contact makes a difference.
Anyway, an interesting part of this journey. With a snap of your fingers, life can suddenly feel like a much different experience. And so we'll see where it shall lead me.


linda said...

I must admit to being a hermit myself, especially these past several years I have been ill....I am also not close to family and envy your reunion sounds nice and a tradition that is important I think in keeping families together. I do do it with my own kids now that they are moving so far apart! One of the reasons for building the house we did was to have EVERYBODY under one roof once in's crazy but nice too...

glad you are still feeling OK!

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Thanks Linda, I am looking forward to it. I'm glad you have a place for your kids to come home to, I know that they love it too.