Thursday, July 24, 2008

In the Mailbox today.....

.....I got a sweet card from one of the girls at work. HI Loni! She reads my blog but never comments. The card was sweet and made me smile so thanks a bunch. I miss you guys.

It had a dandelion on the front (which is one of my most favorite things)and it says,

"From small beginnings come great things," and on the inside it said, "Little by little your dreams will blossom."

And she wrote me a sweet note. It was very special.

It is nice to get the cards and the ones I get are so special, like you know the person took the time out to find just the perfect words.

Thanks again Loni, I love ya!


gRACE said...

I love that quote! Not only does it remind us that some of the BEST things in life begin in a very 'small' way, but that there is a PROCESS involved.

Like an acorn turning into an oak tree :)

Glad you are feeling better today, Robbin. Having such nice friends supporting you is a wonderful gift!

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Hi Grace, so glad to see you. I loved the verse too. And I am so happy to have people who care, it keeps me going strong. I've had a pretty good day today and for that I am grateful. One day at a time.
Hope your day was a good one too.

linda said...

hi nice to have such thoughtful friends....I don't have too many that actually SEND a REAL card anymore, thanks to the internet and email. I miss the old-fashioned cards and letters of olden days :)

glad you are feeling good...seems you've been a bit quiet but maybe that's my's rather vivid, you know! :D


Robbin with 2 B's! said...

I love that vivid imagination of yours, but yeah, a little quiet, giving my body a chance to catch up with my spirit, lol.
Hope you are ok today.