Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Even Dogs have Hobbies

If you're a little dog named "Sweetie" and you have the opportunity to go visit Grandma, you spend some of your time begging Grandma for a treat, (my mother started this by always giving her some little treat when she goes up there, and now she expects it and begs, and I tell my mother when Sweetie looks at her she must look like a big pork chop.) But once you give up on Grandma on the treats then you proceed on to your next favorite thing and that is the sport of lizard hunting. That is what she is doing here, and it is so funny to watch her. When she spots one, her little stubb of a tail starts wagging and the hunt is on.
She very seldom catches one but when she does it is not pretty. It's like when a cat catches a mouse. She plays with him for a minute until he just has no fight in him and then she very seldom eats him. But mostly it's just the fun of the chase. And for the poor lizard I am grateful. But I do so love to watch Sweetie in action.

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