Monday, June 09, 2008

Once Upon a Day, a book by Lisa Tucker

I may have mentioned a time or two on this blog that I love to read. When I read a book that really really touches me, I try and always find the author's email address and let them know how much I loved it. Many times you get back just a standard reply months later that is computer generated. I doubt the author even sees the email. But sometimes you actually get a personal email back from them and I always get so excited. A time or two I've even had them ask me questions which meant I replied and we had email exchanges for a while.

That was what happened to me this morning. Lisa Tucker wrote me a personal email and thanked me and talked to me as if she were a personal friend of mine. I'd never read anything from her before but I'm going to buy some of her others when I am again able to concentrate to read. This one is called "Once Upon a Day" and it was such a different story and so good.

MY best friend's Steph's little sister, who is busy planning a wedding and Steph's mom had sent me a little care box full of all my favorite things and Sara had picked it out for me because she is a reader herself. She wrote me a note and said she'd been tempted to keep it herself.

Anyway, I'm searching for things to smile about these days and I'm fighting so hard not to fall into depression and so all the little things mean a lot to me right now.

And then last night my son sent me an Email that simply said "This always makes me smile" and here's what was in the email, with a simple note that he loved me.

My Grand Dog "Ozzy". He is such a sweetie. I've not seen him in over a year and I miss him.


TheFutureMrsClare said...

Awww...Robbin, I'm so glad you enjoyed the book I sent! Now I know I'll have to read it! :) I wanted to send you a card when I heard about your son, but time got the better of me. I was so sorry to hear about him. You were in my thoughts and prayers - and you still are! I've always believed writing is a true therapy for some people. Me, being one of them. Thank you for letting me read your writings. I will continute to read. As you can see from mine, I too am full of random thoughts! :) All my love...Sara

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Well there you are! Welcom Sara and thank you for your kind words. I know how busy you've been and I knew already you are sending me thoughts and prayers and thank you for that too. Yep, this blog is such therapy for me, so much so that I feel sorry for the readers I have, but they are all so supporting and always keep me smiling and feeling loved.
Love you!