Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A "Just Me Rambling" Post

I had a dentist appointment this morning, it was my six month check-up/cleaning . Last summer I spent almost the whole summer having dental work done. I had a tooth pulled, and a bunch of fillings, and a root canal and crown.

One of the teeth that he filled, well, it is a back jaw tooth and it had a filling but it was broken and he, trying to save the tooth and save me from another root canal, filled it. It actually is more filling than tooth. It's been fine until a few days ago and it got a little sore. So, wouldn't you just know it? Tomorrow that tooth is going to be pulled. It is abscessed underneath the filling or at the root or something like that.

Because of the Chemo I will have soon he said it was important that we get it out as to not have any infection when the chemo and radiation is started. So, as badly as I hate to have to do it, it really is a good thing, good timing. Wouldn't have been good to get an abscessed tooth during the treatment.

So, my dentist had heart attack a few years back and he no longer pulls teeth, but he sends his patients to an out of town dentist that I've been to several times, so in the morning I'm off to that town, I'll get my tooth pulled and then go to work.

I'm very tough you know, so NO problem.

Thanks so much for everyone who commented on my last post. I can't tell you how much inspiration I get from you guys.

This is a pretty boring post but besides for the tooth thing, the day was pretty uneventful and that was a good thing. I could use a few uneventful days in a row.


Tammy said...

I'll tell you a secret. My absolute biggest fear is going to the dentist! I can't even say the word root canal without cringing.

You're my hero!

P.S. People have an accent in the south? LOL I bet my ALS accent is not nearly as sweet. ;)

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

LOL, dental work is a piece of cake, but this morning when he pulled that tooth he liked to have killed me, that sucker was in there it thought for life.
I bet your ALS accent is just fine, it's a part of you and I happen to like you.