Friday, June 13, 2008

I hope this isn't a Permanent Condition

Yesterday I needed an envelope and I promptly went to the fridge and opened the door to look for them. Apparently I don't keep them there.

My mother has bird feeders and today she said, "I need to put food in the feeders so the FISH have something to eat."

I lost my cell phone while I was up at my mom's. We called my number but no ring. I knew it was there, I just knew I had brought it with me. Finally after searching everywhere, I realized I had left it at home on the charger, but I could have sworn I had it with me.

My mother gets Cantaloupe this time of year from her farmer cousin and she called me up there to tell me to come get a tomato and that she had cut it up and put it in a Ziploc for me already. I wondered why she would want me to have one tomato and then cut it up for me. When I got there, it was a cantaloupe.

I got a nice sympathy card from Jonathan's 6th grade teacher today and I wanted to show it to my mom but I forgot to bring it in. I told her about it and then later I said, let me go to the car and get that tennis shoe Mrs. Gay sent.

We just have to laugh at ourselves, and hope this is a temporary thing. So, if I write something here that makes no since whatsoever, just try to figure out what I mean, ok? There's no telling what I'm really trying to say.

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