Friday, June 06, 2008

IS IT JUST ME...........

.....or can you too smell just a hint of Gardenia when you look at this blossom? I love Gardenias. When I was a child I would visit a great grandmother in Florida and I'd pick them and put them in my hair. I felt like a princess. This one is growing in my mother's yard. She isn't fond of the smell but it is for her husband who was raised in Florida and he loves the smell. For me it brings back childhood memories, not just of putting them in my hair but of my great grandmother. She had a yellow light bulb that lit up her screened in back porch and I'd never known anyone else as a child who had one of those. And she drank Dr. Pepper all the time. We'd go down to a dock somewhere and buy fresh fish right off the boats when they came in and she'd haggle with the fishermen on the price. And we'd spent hours on the beach. The BEACH, ah, that is where I would like to be right now. I need the sound and smells of the ocean.
Oh, sorry, I'm rambling here. All that from a Gardenia. Funny how the thought process goes. Especially mine at this time in my life.
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