Monday, June 09, 2008

You're not going to believe this........

....but I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. Tonight around ten thirty, I was in my jammies, there was a terrific storm going on. Sweetie, my little dog who is deathly afraid of thunder storms was sitting on me, holding on for dear life when my mother called and here is what she said, "Lightening has struck a tree in the woods and there's a fire, come up here now!"
So I grabbed my purse and my dog and saw the fire in the woods between her house and mine. We jumped into my car and went up there. The firetruck hadn't got there and it wasn't a very big fire but it has been so hot and dry we feared it would get out of control and burn us all out.

Finally the firetruck, a state patrol, an off duty volunteer fireman showed up and they tramped out in the woods and got it put out. The tree had fallen and the straw and weeds around it had caught on fire.

Now I'm wondering what next?
Thank goodness it wasn't any worse than it was. My mother smelled the smoke and went out and looked, that's how they discovered it. And my poor little dog is still shaking, apparently flashing red lights and sirens scare her too, and she isn't alone, I'm a little shook up myself.
But we're fine.


amy said...

Whoah! Man, I'm glad she smelled the smoke!

I read the quote from Velvet Sacks, too, and I tried about 4 times to leave my own. It's just so cool that someone who has never met you GETS you, and is kind enough to take the time to write such nice things.

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

I know Amy, it is petty cool. Love ya!