Friday, June 27, 2008

A Peaceful Day

I got away from work a couple of hours early today, our Dr. had gone early and we were slow and I really needed to take a stronger dose of pain medicine for my jaw. I knew I couldn't do that and work.

I had a pleasant morning at work, and I've had a peaceful afternoon. I was trying to catch up on reading blogs but this dang medicine mades me so sleepy, I soon realized I was sitting straight up, with my chin resting on my chest, sound to sleep. But no Jaw aching!!

My anger has subsided a little for now, it will return though I know because I didn't beat up anything, just put it away for now. I will address it, when the time is right.

I thought there was a storm brewing outside and Sweetie and I went out to investigate but it was just very windy and cloudy and we heard thunder off in the distance, which still was enough to scare the daylights out of her. I let her back in but I stayed out a while and watched the Pines dance in the wind. It was not a graceful dance that they mostly perform, instead a jerky one, nothing in sync, but I guess they were free style dancing today and it suited me fine.

I got an email from a friend with the cutest pictures and I wanted to share this one. Hoping you have a good weekend.



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