Monday, June 23, 2008


I look the same when I see myself in the mirror. My face has not changed. But if the mirror could project a reflection of my soul, it surely wouldn't resemble anything like it was before.

I'm tired tonight. And a little bit murkey. I wish I could go back in time and say something different or do something different.

I took this picture yesterday after it had rained, it's the relection of the trees and sky in a puddle of water.

And although the water is murkey, I notice the light from the sky is shining through those trees. And I know light is shining in my soul too. But tonight it is just a little less bright, and it is finding it hard to feel the warmth that light can bring.

Just part of what I have to feel sometimes. And I've learned not to fight it, I just feel it.


Sage said...

Hugging you until the light gets brighter and warmer. You've been through so much lately so it's not surprising that the light is bit dull and cool. As you said, don't fight it. You have to have those moments in order to get through the complete grieving process.

Just know that I'm thinking of you and surrounding you with prayer. Hope today is better.


Tammy said...

Without our murky days we would not bask in the clear days. Face it head on with your shield mighty warrior for better days are coming.

Thinking of you today! So is my BFF :)

Memaw's memories said...

I love Tammy's comment. I too think we need murky days. And now and then I sorta enjoy one. But the important thing is that you recognize it for what it is and won't stay there.

You'll let the sunshine back in soon, I'm sure of it.

Take care good friend.