Sunday, June 08, 2008


Funeral homes these days want you to bring in pictures of your loved one who's only been gone a day or so so that they can make a Video tribute that plays on a T.V. while people are entering, and during visitation, that sort of thing. It also is available on their website.

Now, how hard do you think that is to do? For me it was HARD. And here's the thing, I had to physically restrain myself from digging into each picture, whether he was a baby or a grown man, to get him out. My mind, in it's strange place at that time thought I could just pluck him out and say there, now! Here you are back with us, stay! It was the oddest feeling, and so overwhelming, I had to cross my arms and hold them tight.

But I made it through all that and now I'm glad we had that. It helps validate that he lived and that there were such happy times and that he was loved.

These days I can look at his pictures without crying, and I can be so very glad we had as many pictures of him as we did.

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